Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'll Need a Wheelchair (from SAM's)

Lately we've been playing the "Don't Grow" game.  The one where we get them to do all kinds of things by telling them not to do it.  Like, "No!  No, definitely do NOT eat those green beans--they'll make you grow and we can't have that."  Or, "Whatever you do, do not rest quietly and go to sleep because then you'll grow.  No growing allowed here."  And, "Absolutely, no reading today--you'll learn too much and your brain will grow."

But this morning, I had this little conversation kneeling on the floor with the dude after telling him that his getting dressed all by himself without me asking was just no good because it meant he was growing up and could he please just stop growing?

He looked in my eyes with great seriousness and said, "But you really do want me to grow...., right?

Me: "....yeah...mostly.  But maybe you could stop for just a little while.  At least maybe you could still give me snuggles as you get bigger?"

T:  Well, someday I really will be big.  I'll be like 50.  How old will you be then?
Me: 80. (!)
T: Oh.  Well, I'll be in my house with my children.
Me:  Hmm...they'll probably be all grown up then.
T:  Then, I'll be all alone.
Me:  You can help take care of me. :)
T:  (Nodding)  I'll bring you to my house and you can live with me.
Me:  Aww...thanks, Buddy!
T:  And I'll go to SAM's and other places looking for a wheelchair for you.
Me:  A wheelchair?!
T:  Yeah, you'll probably need one of those and they have cheap prices there.
Me:  Well, anyway, thanks for taking such good care of me.  You're so sweet to me.

Oh, to slow time down...

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