Monday, December 03, 2012

Decking our Halls

During Thanksgiving in PA we picked out our Christmas tree at J's grandparents' tree farm.

We came back with this.

And now it looks like this.

When Snapfish sent me a lovely notice that they would be deleting my photos if I didn't order something quite soon, I ordered 210 one-cent photos.  Inspired by THIS last year, we popped a good chunk of those photos on the tree.  I probably should have ordered them in a slightly smaller size, but it works.

 It's definitely unique. ;)  But it is really fun to see all these moments from the last year.
(Bonus: Undecorating should be a breeze.)

Our stash of Christmas toys has been unpacked for another year.

Including our Christmas-book-a-day basket.  (That was a lot of wrapping--I'm thankful M LOVES to wrap gifts. ;)

We're also loving this book all over again.  (The kids are captivated by the grumpy old man.)
 And we're working on our Jesse Tree.

Celebrating this season is so much fun.


  1. Love, Love, Love the wrapped books for a Book A Day!
    And the photos on the tree - that could become an every year tradition. Great way to look back on the fun of the last 12 months.

  2. Love it! Genius! Brill! And they are the perfectly perfect size.