Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We Voted--Peanut Butter Won

Today M woke up with pink eye (yuck).  So after "school" we went to the doctors, then Walmart, had a bit of a potty incident, went to the pharmacy, Beza spilled water all over her shirt and then we finally made it to the voting place!

Then, after a nice nap/rest time, we spent the rest of the afternoon cramming in a brief look at the election process.

We started with this book.

Then watched THIS VIDEO from BrainPOP about the presidential election.

And this...

(Both found as links from Simple Homeschool.)

Then we watched Please Vote for Me, a documentary about a third grade class in China learning about democracy by voting for their Class Monitor.  It was all in subtitles--but the kids actually really liked it (who knew?).  (Thanks JG!)

Later, while I was making dinner I called J and asked him to bring home some treats so that we could have our own election.  He chose 2 ice creams--chocolate brownie, and peanut butter cup.

First they each gave a little speech.

Then they had a debate. (Just a little peek.)

After that, we cast our votes.
(J got all tricky and checked more than one box--we had to hold a committee meeting to decide which one he actually meant.)

Peanut butter won as our dessert for the night.

Their reactions.
 (Beza was just thrilled to have any ice cream. :)

And finally, our bedtime story...

And that was our Election Day.

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