Tuesday, November 13, 2012



I want our kids (and me) to know that the world is so much bigger than us.  Yesterday M was crying about her lap desk that accidentally broke.  While it's important to show compassion,  I also know that, in the scheme of the world, a replaceable lap desk is not so important.  

(So often the words that leave my mouth come right back and slap me on the forehead.  Ugh...I'm right there in the trenches of learning life with them.)

In the pursuit of my goal I love finding real life examples.  This past week we watched these two short videos about two people who lived life well despite the obstacles.

Two stories of loss that I usually avoid because they just feel way too sad.  But, in them there is so much hope and perspective in what really matters as imperfect people trying to live a life well-lived.  

We've been reading a handful of those Who was ____________?  books including Who was Harriet Tubman?  We've also been learning about colonial America.  And talking about chocolate (not only how much we love it, but where it comes from.).  And in all of these topics we've been discussing slavery (definitely a heavy topic). 

On Sunday night we all watched Amazing Grace the story of William Wilberforce and John Newton. I want these little people to know that there are things in this world worth fighting for--even if it takes a lifetime.  (I also want them to know the power of God's grace.)

These things we've been watching and reading and talking about are tough, but I am so thankful for those who have walked ahead of us and have given us examples of ways to live in the hard that show us there is so much more to live for than ourselves.

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