Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes a Book Can Take Over Your Life

--or just your upstairs hallway.

After reading Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist this week, M wanted to make her very own art gallery.

We do have an "art gallery" in the basement, but sadly, we have two cats on "hospice" who are occupying that place. (So sad...)

After some thought, we turned the upstairs hallway into a gallery with the help of lots of string (tied in rows of three around every door and strung anywhere possible down the lengths of the walls) and a bag full of clothes pins.

A ream of paper and cups of markers.

A shower curtain rod and spare velvet curtain.

Mood lighting.

(T often contributes to the scene with performance art.)

And jazzy music from Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

It's kind-of a cool place to hang out (and to finally try this). I just hope our upcoming house-guests like it as much as we do. ;)

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