Monday, November 19, 2012

Funnies: Light Rice

Styled by M this morning to look like Daddy.  (He even brushed his hair.)

The Situation: J holding the nearly useless glass measuring cup up to the light over the sink to see the last few remnants of red markings.
T: Daddy, why are you adding light to that water? (Not. Even. Kidding.)
J: Because I'm making extra light and fluffy rice.  

Really happened.  T had like 5 helpings of the extra light rice.


  1. Cute. And I love the plaid shirt. I make my three year old wear a plaid shirt almost every Sunday.

  2. LovE!!!! haha

    But seriously? That photo of him almost makes ME cry. And I'm not even the mama! These boys, wanting to look so big, slaying us with their sweetness. #itstoomuch!