Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Funnies: Just Like Albert Einstein

Last week we were driving home from the library and T asked me a question.  Whatever he asked, I answered, "Sure!"  He laughed and said that was funny because doesn't "sure" also mean the place where the sand meets the water?  Where you can get off a ship?

Then I laughed and said, "Hey, yes, it does?  When did you get so smart?"

To which he replied, "I'm just like that guy.  You know, the guy who thinks a lot because I'm a really good thinker just like him."

Me, "You mean like Albert Einstein?...Yes.  Yes, you are a good thinker just like Albert Einstein."  :)

I love this guy. :)

On that same day, I pulled out a bib for Beza who was feeding herself some oatmeal.  She promptly muttered, "Baby shirt."  I suppose it could be called a baby shirt. :)

And then, this.  A "news report" from M.
I gave her a wipe and I came back and the wipe was dirty!

My favorite part (besides the illustration of Beza's hand reaching out and the "dirty" wipe) is the exclamation point.  Quite outstanding news! ;)

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