Friday, October 19, 2012

This House

Lately, our backyard--specifically under the pine trees--has been, to put it bluntly, trashed. 

Milk crates, shovels, chairs and more chairs, balls, old planters from the recycling bin, buckets and huge branches are littered everywhere.

That's because that milk crate is actually an enthusiastically built ant house.  The chairs are part of a living room with a soccer goal wall.  The shovels are busy trying to dig a well so they can wash their hands in their "house."  They have dreams of an oven for "freshly baked cookies."  Oh, and a stove, microwave and bathroom.  

I recently heard this song (Sara Groves, "This House") and love her words, "There is a memory in every corner."

So, as they create visual havoc with "Grub Houses."  (Oh man, yes, that sweet little doll house has been turned into a grub mansion--didn't see that one coming.)

And use my kitchen towels as "dining room" decor.

And leave their trays of real dinner out all night in the rain.

I am so, so thankful that they are creating memories together in all of the corners of our "house."

Because I sure had fun doing that with my sisters not that long ago.
(When I was the tall one. ;)

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