Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's 7...

Wow...the little girl that made me a mommy turned 7 on Friday.  

She is stunning and blows me away with her deep thoughts.  She is sweet and helpful and keeps us humble. :)  So, so thankful we get to be her parents.

A few pictures celebrating her.

A party with Nana and Pop.

A party with GrammyKathy and Grandpa.

Her birthday breakfast--Cocoa Pebbles.

Birthday lunch--Trix yogurt (with stickers).
(Birthday dinner--Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal.  What a food day!)

Popcorn and Movie Date with friends--Felicity: An American Girl.

A whole day of "crafting" together.  (Look at those baby cheeks...)
Birthday Birthday Cake (she requested a solar system cake--my minimalist attempt...)

Happy 7th Birthday, M-Pie!

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