Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nothing Says Fall Like...


Seriously, this pumpkin patch knows the way to win over the small crowd.  

Two weeks ago, Emily and I took our small crews to the pumpkin patch to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Beza (and M and T) couldn't stop hugging Elmo. 

Cookie Monster didn't get as much love.  I wonder why?  Maybe it had something to do with his freakishly big mouth and extremely droopy tummy? Oh, and his shoes.  Beza immediately pointed out the shoes.

There was also a small petting zoo. (That included a walleroo.  Who knew?  That's a bunny in the picture, though. :))

And pumpkins.

Thanks for inviting us Emily!

(While we were at the pumpkin patch, J was taking our friend Bill back to the airport after spending the weekend with us.  All of my OC'99 friends, our kids have become some of his newest fans. :)

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