Monday, October 01, 2012

Made It: Flying Squirrels

So...Did you know October is National Squirrel Awareness Month?  (Now you do. :)

In honor of our furry backyard friends, today we made "Flying" squirrel (haha) art.

And then, since some of our hands were just a tad bit dirty from all that ink-stamping, it seemed like the perfect time to pull out this Pinterest fun--Ivory soap...

...In the microwave.
Seriously, how crazy fun is that?  (Click HERE for the scoop--note that it only works with Ivory soap--I literally had to get down on my hands and knees to find it in the back of the bottom shelf at the store.)

These "washed" (so said he) hands turned the soap pink.

Speaking of Pinterest--I've been trying out some new braids on M-Girl's hair.

And The Waterfall (at the end of the day).
(Love that she finally likes doing fun things with her hair.)

Oh, and one more thing from today--hot off the press.  I  know, I know, I can smell the cheesiness of this one from a mile away--but tonight the Book Fairy finally came.  The Book Fairy?  Our version of the Tooth Fairy.  "She" is apparently very, very swamped--as in like 2 months behind the times.  (Oh, man...)

But, better late than never, right?

Here's to hoping she likes this book, because rumor has it the Book Fairy has the whole series stashed away somewhere. ;)

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