Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Complicated

About 2 months ago, Beza finally moved out of our room.

She started in our room when she first came home to promote healthy attachment.  She became a really good sleeper.  And we became really good at sneaking around in our own room.

Then, when we had our week at the cabin this summer she was in a room all by herself and she slept in later than ever.  And we didn't have to sneak around.

It was time for her to move out.  But, it was complicated. 

We really want the girls to be in the same room--for great sisterly bonding and to learn how to share a space together.  BUT, M is an early riser and has trouble falling asleep and Beza is a falling-to-sleep singer and morning sleeper.  The combination seems a little tricky for right now.

Beza could move into T's room with him--but that would require furniture rearrangements we weren't ready to make (like getting rid of the futon).  Also, it would stick T with Beza's bedtime songs (which are cute, but maybe not when you're trying to go to sleep).

M had been sleeping in T's room all summer--by their choice.  And ultimately we intended T's bed to be Beza's bed--we bought it to match M's (in case IKEA stops making them).

So....we moved Beza's crib into T's room.  We moved T's bed into M's room.  And T moved with his bed.  Sort-of.

It goes like this.  At night, T sleeps in his bed in M's room and Beza sleeps in the crib in T's room.  Then during our afternoon rest-time, T plays in his room and Beza sleeps in the pack-n-play in our room.  Complicated, but it works.  (Mostly. ;)

(Of course, our rooms ALWAYS look this neat and tidy! Don't yours? ;)

(A little more realistic, but still a little too tidy because it was the day after the clean-up. :)

(Rare, rare day when he actually fell asleep reading library books.)

This is what works for now.  We keep telling M and T to live it up and make fun memories together now because some day they'll be all grown up.  (And just like our rooms are always that clean, they also always agree with everything we say. ;)

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