Monday, October 01, 2012

Funnies: Thumb-sized (and Listener)

The other day we were learning about eclipses and were talking about perspectives.  Like how you can hide the sun with your thumb even though the sun is infinitely humongous compared to our puny thumbs. 

Then M says to me, "In my brain you are only thumb-sized because my brain is only about that tall for real."

I never thought of it that way. :)

Grasshopper Love
Allow me to introduce you to the two newest creatures that slept in our house last night (at least that I know of).

Meet Listener.  So named because he calmly walks on their hands.  Also, when he was climbing the walls of his "room" M wrapped a dark blanket around the side to simulate night time (a trick she apparently picked up from Swiss Family Robinson) so that he would relax down in the grass.  And he "listened."

And this is "Spiderman."  Unlike his buddy "Listener," the blanket trick didn't make him rest.  So, obviously, like Spiderman, he doesn't rest until the job is done. (Their words.)  Also, his posturing is reminiscent of his moniker.

Happy First Week of October!

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