Sunday, October 14, 2012

Funnies: Random Bits

To start--this bit of sadness.  I was out birthday shopping on Saturday night and while I was at the mall I wanted to pick up another shirt just like the one I had on but in a different color--I had a free $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I was in a hurry--I didn't want to try on another one and I couldn't remember what size I liked best.  I thought it would be a good idea to just pull the tag around so I could read it in the car before I went in (attempting to not look weird trying to pull that move in the store.).  Sadly, oh so sadly, even though I could pull it around to the front, I could not read the tag!  So I took a picture of it.  It's still blurry--but it's better than what I could make out with my own two eyes.  Sad.  

And this is a picture of two squirrels.  Two?  Yes--the one you can't see is in that rubbermaid container.  And not just in it--STUCK in it.  Apparently our raccoon friend has been back and he ripped and chewed the small spouted opening off the top.  Then some hungry squirrel came along and climbed inside to get the leftover grub.  And got lodged by his hips.  We watched with bated breath until he finally freed himself.  Phew!  I thought things were going to get pretty hairy if we had to help him escape!

Speaking of wildlife--this is the frog that lives on our grill--when we're not using it.  When we're using it he politely moseys over to the edge (or maybe he does that because he doesn't want to become dinner?).  That button behind him--the one I had to push to start the grill.  Ewww....

Lately T has been into dressing up to try to trick me into thinking he's someone else.  Apparently he takes this very seriously and has been very upset when I call him by his name when he's in costume (aka wearing a blanket over his head.).  Two strategies to help alleviate his frustrations: 1.)  I will make sure to be dramatically shocked to see a "stranger" in my house wearing a blanket.  2.)  I gave them a few pointers that would make the costume trickier.  Hence the photo.  They switched bottoms and socks.  That's M under the towel and T wearing M's cargo pants and purple socks under the pink blanket.  If it weren't for the height difference I totally would have been fooled. (But don't tell them I wasn't!). :)

And this?  This is what J and I did for fun this afternoon.  We were trying to find the best bowl to amplify our phones.  I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats on this one--but the clear winner was definitely the green bowl.  We are very exciting people.  hahaha... ;)

Oh, and Beza has become super awesome with her manners.  Her please's, excuse me's, sorry's and you're welcome's are spot on.  So are her thank-you's.  Except that they sound like she's saying "awful."  For every milk, snack or help I give her I get a beautiful "Awful, Mommy!" all day long. :) 

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