Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For a Good Case of the Creepy Crawlies

A look back from our year...

Eight-Legged Nemeses
The Black and Yellow Garden Spider from my parents' house.

One more look.  (Think juicy and thumb-sized.)

The spider outside our window a few weeks ago.  (Again, thumb-sized.)

Speaking of arachnids, this is the deer tick we found on the kitchen floor last week at breakfast when the kids kept telling me to come look at the tiny "spider." (Add to that the three deer ticks we found on our bodies after a walk through the woods over the weekend.  Creeped out.)

Reptilian Encounters.
A slime covered turtle in the back yard.

A snake "under our feet" on a walk.

Chasing a snake out of our front yard.

Other Interesting and Creepy Things
A raccoon on the deck during the day.

Stomach bugs.

And then there's this.  Prepare yourself for a gross and creepy story.  Two weekends ago I was happily noshing on some sugar snap peas when I felt like a piece got stuck in my throat.  I gargled, drank hot and cold liquids and tried getting it out with my finger (gag me).  No luck.  On day two I got up close and personal with my tonsils with a q-tip--trying to free my throat from its growing discomfort.  I played google doctor looking for answers.  On the morning of day three I was done.  Whatever it was had to go.  But I couldn't see ANYTHING back there!  Finally I noticed something protruding straight out from the side of my throat--near my tongue.  It looked like a thin stick.  What in the world?  I spent 30 minutes with a book light and tweezers and finally extracted that cruddy splinter with a yank.  Blech!  How gross is that?!?  Horrible!!! And what is it?!?  Yuck!

 And that's a little look at just some of the creepy moments from our year. 
Happy Halloween!

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