Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Morning Worthy of a Repeat

Trying to fully breathe in all of the fall colors and the last bits of just chilly days (before it gets cold cold), we headed to a park yesterday morning (Columbus Day) bright and early.  As in before 8:30 early.  That is definitely worth noting. ;)  

It is fair to say that we had the park to ourselves for a good chunk of the early morning.  We noshed on donuts and hot chocolate in the gazebo before launching into a good game of pirate.

Then we climbed one of the hills and "claimed" it for the next 3 hours. (In true pirate fashion.)

They each picked a tree for a "room."

And built this "lean-to."

Bez spent her time doing "nature sketches."  (I think she has mastered the pine needle.;)

And singing sundry renditions of the ABC's at the TOP of her lungs.

I tried to expand her repertoire with the Name Game Song (The Banana Song).  (Clearly, she thinks my singing is hilarious.)

Seriously such a fun morning.  We can't wait to do it again. :)

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