Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For a Good Case of the Creepy Crawlies

A look back from our year...

Eight-Legged Nemeses
The Black and Yellow Garden Spider from my parents' house.

One more look.  (Think juicy and thumb-sized.)

The spider outside our window a few weeks ago.  (Again, thumb-sized.)

Speaking of arachnids, this is the deer tick we found on the kitchen floor last week at breakfast when the kids kept telling me to come look at the tiny "spider." (Add to that the three deer ticks we found on our bodies after a walk through the woods over the weekend.  Creeped out.)

Reptilian Encounters.
A slime covered turtle in the back yard.

A snake "under our feet" on a walk.

Chasing a snake out of our front yard.

Other Interesting and Creepy Things
A raccoon on the deck during the day.

Stomach bugs.

And then there's this.  Prepare yourself for a gross and creepy story.  Two weekends ago I was happily noshing on some sugar snap peas when I felt like a piece got stuck in my throat.  I gargled, drank hot and cold liquids and tried getting it out with my finger (gag me).  No luck.  On day two I got up close and personal with my tonsils with a q-tip--trying to free my throat from its growing discomfort.  I played google doctor looking for answers.  On the morning of day three I was done.  Whatever it was had to go.  But I couldn't see ANYTHING back there!  Finally I noticed something protruding straight out from the side of my throat--near my tongue.  It looked like a thin stick.  What in the world?  I spent 30 minutes with a book light and tweezers and finally extracted that cruddy splinter with a yank.  Blech!  How gross is that?!?  Horrible!!! And what is it?!?  Yuck!

 And that's a little look at just some of the creepy moments from our year. 
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's 7...

Wow...the little girl that made me a mommy turned 7 on Friday.  

She is stunning and blows me away with her deep thoughts.  She is sweet and helpful and keeps us humble. :)  So, so thankful we get to be her parents.

A few pictures celebrating her.

A party with Nana and Pop.

A party with GrammyKathy and Grandpa.

Her birthday breakfast--Cocoa Pebbles.

Birthday lunch--Trix yogurt (with stickers).
(Birthday dinner--Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal.  What a food day!)

Popcorn and Movie Date with friends--Felicity: An American Girl.

A whole day of "crafting" together.  (Look at those baby cheeks...)
Birthday Birthday Cake (she requested a solar system cake--my minimalist attempt...)

Happy 7th Birthday, M-Pie!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Funnies: I Try Not to Show Them My Teeth

 The funny people.

We've been watching the squirrels up close and personal while they devour the pumpkins on our deck.  
While we were spying on one the other day M, covering her mouth, said, "I try not to show them my teeth."

Me: Why is that?

M: Because I don't want to scare them with my big teeth.  They might think I want to eat them!


Okay, and then there are those moments as a mom that I just could have never imagined or conceived possible.  Some of them are precious, precious memories.  Others?  Others are just stuff you can't make up.

Case in point--while loading up to go to soccer, T said to me, "Mommy, haven't I been such a good listener lately?"

Me.  Why, yes, you have!

T: I know!  Ever since I've been eating my snot I've been being such a good listener.  It really helps me listen!

No...way...!  Did he seriously just say that?!?  Two things--Ewww-Ewwww-Ewww--GROSS!!!  Please don't EVER do that again.  And, how in the world did he make that connection?  Oh, to know how his little mind works. :)

And now, off to make sure I do everything that requires electricity before Hurricane Sandy gets here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nothing Says Fall Like...


Seriously, this pumpkin patch knows the way to win over the small crowd.  

Two weeks ago, Emily and I took our small crews to the pumpkin patch to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Beza (and M and T) couldn't stop hugging Elmo. 

Cookie Monster didn't get as much love.  I wonder why?  Maybe it had something to do with his freakishly big mouth and extremely droopy tummy? Oh, and his shoes.  Beza immediately pointed out the shoes.

There was also a small petting zoo. (That included a walleroo.  Who knew?  That's a bunny in the picture, though. :))

And pumpkins.

Thanks for inviting us Emily!

(While we were at the pumpkin patch, J was taking our friend Bill back to the airport after spending the weekend with us.  All of my OC'99 friends, our kids have become some of his newest fans. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

This House

Lately, our backyard--specifically under the pine trees--has been, to put it bluntly, trashed. 

Milk crates, shovels, chairs and more chairs, balls, old planters from the recycling bin, buckets and huge branches are littered everywhere.

That's because that milk crate is actually an enthusiastically built ant house.  The chairs are part of a living room with a soccer goal wall.  The shovels are busy trying to dig a well so they can wash their hands in their "house."  They have dreams of an oven for "freshly baked cookies."  Oh, and a stove, microwave and bathroom.  

I recently heard this song (Sara Groves, "This House") and love her words, "There is a memory in every corner."

So, as they create visual havoc with "Grub Houses."  (Oh man, yes, that sweet little doll house has been turned into a grub mansion--didn't see that one coming.)

And use my kitchen towels as "dining room" decor.

And leave their trays of real dinner out all night in the rain.

I am so, so thankful that they are creating memories together in all of the corners of our "house."

Because I sure had fun doing that with my sisters not that long ago.
(When I was the tall one. ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Funnies: Random Bits

To start--this bit of sadness.  I was out birthday shopping on Saturday night and while I was at the mall I wanted to pick up another shirt just like the one I had on but in a different color--I had a free $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I was in a hurry--I didn't want to try on another one and I couldn't remember what size I liked best.  I thought it would be a good idea to just pull the tag around so I could read it in the car before I went in (attempting to not look weird trying to pull that move in the store.).  Sadly, oh so sadly, even though I could pull it around to the front, I could not read the tag!  So I took a picture of it.  It's still blurry--but it's better than what I could make out with my own two eyes.  Sad.  

And this is a picture of two squirrels.  Two?  Yes--the one you can't see is in that rubbermaid container.  And not just in it--STUCK in it.  Apparently our raccoon friend has been back and he ripped and chewed the small spouted opening off the top.  Then some hungry squirrel came along and climbed inside to get the leftover grub.  And got lodged by his hips.  We watched with bated breath until he finally freed himself.  Phew!  I thought things were going to get pretty hairy if we had to help him escape!

Speaking of wildlife--this is the frog that lives on our grill--when we're not using it.  When we're using it he politely moseys over to the edge (or maybe he does that because he doesn't want to become dinner?).  That button behind him--the one I had to push to start the grill.  Ewww....

Lately T has been into dressing up to try to trick me into thinking he's someone else.  Apparently he takes this very seriously and has been very upset when I call him by his name when he's in costume (aka wearing a blanket over his head.).  Two strategies to help alleviate his frustrations: 1.)  I will make sure to be dramatically shocked to see a "stranger" in my house wearing a blanket.  2.)  I gave them a few pointers that would make the costume trickier.  Hence the photo.  They switched bottoms and socks.  That's M under the towel and T wearing M's cargo pants and purple socks under the pink blanket.  If it weren't for the height difference I totally would have been fooled. (But don't tell them I wasn't!). :)

And this?  This is what J and I did for fun this afternoon.  We were trying to find the best bowl to amplify our phones.  I'm sure you are on the edge of your seats on this one--but the clear winner was definitely the green bowl.  We are very exciting people.  hahaha... ;)

Oh, and Beza has become super awesome with her manners.  Her please's, excuse me's, sorry's and you're welcome's are spot on.  So are her thank-you's.  Except that they sound like she's saying "awful."  For every milk, snack or help I give her I get a beautiful "Awful, Mommy!" all day long. :) 

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Complicated

About 2 months ago, Beza finally moved out of our room.

She started in our room when she first came home to promote healthy attachment.  She became a really good sleeper.  And we became really good at sneaking around in our own room.

Then, when we had our week at the cabin this summer she was in a room all by herself and she slept in later than ever.  And we didn't have to sneak around.

It was time for her to move out.  But, it was complicated. 

We really want the girls to be in the same room--for great sisterly bonding and to learn how to share a space together.  BUT, M is an early riser and has trouble falling asleep and Beza is a falling-to-sleep singer and morning sleeper.  The combination seems a little tricky for right now.

Beza could move into T's room with him--but that would require furniture rearrangements we weren't ready to make (like getting rid of the futon).  Also, it would stick T with Beza's bedtime songs (which are cute, but maybe not when you're trying to go to sleep).

M had been sleeping in T's room all summer--by their choice.  And ultimately we intended T's bed to be Beza's bed--we bought it to match M's (in case IKEA stops making them).

So....we moved Beza's crib into T's room.  We moved T's bed into M's room.  And T moved with his bed.  Sort-of.

It goes like this.  At night, T sleeps in his bed in M's room and Beza sleeps in the crib in T's room.  Then during our afternoon rest-time, T plays in his room and Beza sleeps in the pack-n-play in our room.  Complicated, but it works.  (Mostly. ;)

(Of course, our rooms ALWAYS look this neat and tidy! Don't yours? ;)

(A little more realistic, but still a little too tidy because it was the day after the clean-up. :)

(Rare, rare day when he actually fell asleep reading library books.)

This is what works for now.  We keep telling M and T to live it up and make fun memories together now because some day they'll be all grown up.  (And just like our rooms are always that clean, they also always agree with everything we say. ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My "Problems"

So, yesterday I may have had a mini breakdown (mostly in my head) about the piles and PILES of laundry piling up (both clean and not so much).

Then I watched this...

And this...
And, well, I got some much needed perspective...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Morning Worthy of a Repeat

Trying to fully breathe in all of the fall colors and the last bits of just chilly days (before it gets cold cold), we headed to a park yesterday morning (Columbus Day) bright and early.  As in before 8:30 early.  That is definitely worth noting. ;)  

It is fair to say that we had the park to ourselves for a good chunk of the early morning.  We noshed on donuts and hot chocolate in the gazebo before launching into a good game of pirate.

Then we climbed one of the hills and "claimed" it for the next 3 hours. (In true pirate fashion.)

They each picked a tree for a "room."

And built this "lean-to."

Bez spent her time doing "nature sketches."  (I think she has mastered the pine needle.;)

And singing sundry renditions of the ABC's at the TOP of her lungs.

I tried to expand her repertoire with the Name Game Song (The Banana Song).  (Clearly, she thinks my singing is hilarious.)

Seriously such a fun morning.  We can't wait to do it again. :)