Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Secret of the Summer

Two Fridays ago I tried to act all nonchalant as I told the peeps to clean up their rooms, rushed them off to the library to grab a few movies (Muppets Treasure Island--man, did they laugh), and washed all the laundry in sight.  I told them we were just "School Cleaning."  Which we kind-of were, but, really, it was because as soon as their eyes drifted shut we had some crazy mad packing to do.  And then just as the sun was rising we woke them up--told them to grab shoes and bears and to get in the van.  We were headed to the ocean.  For a whole week.  In a house.  On the beach.  With friends.  Oh, the excitement!

Let me tell you, this was one hard secret to keep.  It had been planned all summer.  And all summer I could NOT wait.  But I couldn't say anything.  No talk of waves, sand-castles, a whole-house "hotel."  Nada.  Because, honestly, the pre-vacation countdown kid-style is wearying and because these surprises are ridiculously fun. :)

We ended our summer and started our fall in Ocean City, NJ.  Such a fun place of memories--family vacations and a whole summer there in college with 100 other Cru students--with great opportunities to make new ones.

A "few" of my favorites...

Fearless wave rider.

"Pirates" being swept out to sea. (Nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the surf and sand. ;)

Shell-collecting where the sky meets the water.


Beach-friendly hair.


Our last surprise--Nana (look at Beza fly!)

And Pop when the friends left.

Bravely feeding the gulls.


And hand-stander. (Our house?  Third one--second floor.)

Sand-maze builder.

Showing who's boss.

Endless play-by-play self-talking surfing expert.

Who exhibits remarkable form.

In all he does.  Like fighting boardwalk pirates.

Sun-rise watchers (right before it rained.).

"Late-"night ferris wheel.


And beach buddies.

Deep trench dwellers.

Saying-goodbye-sunrise--just before it downpoured again. 

Seven glorious days living-it-up--embracing the sand (even piles in the bathtub), conquering the waves (after countless slams to the ocean floor), and taking the unpredictable weather as it came (our apps predicted rain--and lots of it--every day.  We spent every day rain-free on the beach)-- before diving in to a whole new year. 

Can't wait to do it again...


  1. Such a fun vacation! Love you, babe!

  2. looks like such a great vacation! beautiful pics!