Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day

These are the faces that greeted us this morning.  Sleepy-head T and ready-to-go M.

At the eleventh hour (or rather twelfth, to be exact) last night I realized that I should maybe do something to celebrate the first day of school.  I rummaged around Pinterest to find a few printables to add to a special blank book we had tucked away for them to fill up with stories this year.  Oh yeah, and a small slinky to commemorate "springing" back into the new school year.  (hahaha)

By the time it was ready to leave, T had rallied his usual good spirits and was equally excited to play with his friends and to see what was in the water table (always a surprise!). ;)

While he was in preschool, M and I tackled our first day of First Grade.  Seriously, nerdishly excited about this stuff. :)

And Bez?  Well, she did her Beza-stuff--a daily dose of Elmo, followed by mad block sorting skills and a fair amount of head-balancing tricks.

Fun first day!  

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