Monday, August 27, 2012

The Power of Sesame (and Wontons--Fried)

During our week away I sort-of made a lot of trips to Panera's.  Making up for lost time, you know?  

Oh, the salads--so yummy--and made by someone other than me.  So, so good.  

In the throws of my Panera's withdrawal, I scoured Pinterest for copycat recipes.  And this recipe for the Asian Sesame Salad did not disappoint. 

We turned the extra fried wontons into dessert with a little cinnamon sugar.

But most remarkable of all, was that THEY actually liked it, too!  NO WAY!  I can't remember the last time they asked for seconds of a new dish.  And then they asked when we could have it again.  That NEVER happens!

It turns out that they like sesame.  Who knew?  (The day before the salad we tried this Sesame Popcorn recipe from Real Simple and they gobbled it up, too.)

Here's to hoping this is just the beginning of their new-food loving ways! ;)

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