Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nothing Says "Thank You" Like Spider Man (or LF)

This month we've been doing the Joy Dare from A Holy Experience--writing down at least 3 things they are each thankful for every day.  

Love that I can "hear" their voices in what they write. :)  An excerpt from T's "3 Gifts in the Morning."

T tends to be a bit more prolific in his thanks. :)  LOVE that he seriously thinks he can run faster after a good sleep (or with new shoes) and in races that he "makes up." (And are vitamins as much of an obsession in your house as they are in ours?)

I also love that they actually like doing this.  Except for one tiny thing--T pretty much agrees with all of M's ideas and immediately wants them added to his list--that might just lead to a little bit of conflict. ;)  We're working on it. :)

And who knows, maybe next month, I'll actually keep my own journal!  (Oops!;)

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