Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coffee, Coasters and Creeks (Cabin Week 2012)

Photolog of Cabin Week 2012 (aka "Last Week")

Lots of "gator" rides through my old stomping grounds.

A sleepy boy using Daddy's head as Beary.

While waiting for these.  Homemade french fries from fresh out-of-the-ground potatoes.  A true delicacy.

A morning spent "antiquing" (as T calls it) with Aunt Debra, M and T (source of the ladder.)

Followed by an afternoon on the creek together laughing so hard I almost sank.

One-on-one shopping dates for fall wardrobes with these two.
(I know, I know--two trips to Starbucks in one day!  A most awesome perk of the job. :)

While I was with one, my mom had her own "dates" with each of them.  (Bez had a whole day with Nana.)

A fun day at Knoebels. 

Hand-holding in line for the kiddie bumper cars.

A bit of a boating snafu that caused a boat-jam ;).

A train ride with her main squeeze-Nana. :)

Cotton-candy chowing.  (And a few funnel cakes--after all, you can't buy those just anywhere. ;)

(After recovering from our sugar-overload) Squeezing in lots of time riding cars all over our piece of the cabin island.

And as much creek time as possible.  (Does that face tell a story, or what?  Totally offended by flipping out of his tube.)

My third lunch date while Nana had some one-on-one time with M and T on our last day.

And after one last visit with my family and this little guy it was time for the long trek back home.

Such a fun week of just chilling with our families. :)  Love you guys!

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