Friday, August 31, 2012

A New Adventure

This year we are embarking on a whole new adventure.  

After a lot of thought, planning and researching we have decided to homeschool M for First Grade.  
(T will be in a 4-day preschool this year.)

I absolutely LOVE learning with my kids and I am so thankful that we will have the opportunity to delve deeper together.

More to come--but for right now I have to get back into plans for making memories during this last week of summer. :)

Big Stuff

When she tells me the details of every hiding spot and every finding for three rounds of hide-n-go seek...

Or he tells me all about his dream in "our house that isn't really our house" with "bad guys who aren't really bad guys..."

Or she recounts the story of the lost 2nd tooth for the fifteenth time (lost just last night),
(Aquarium today.)

Or I need to exactly respond to "Hi, Mommy!" with "Hi, Beza!" twenty times in a row,

In a good moment this whispers in my ear...

And I pray for the patience and grace to savor and give life to the little person standing right in front of me.

Praying for more of those moments.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What She's Been Up To (A Lot)

Little Beza has been quite busy growing up this summer.  She and T are becoming good buddies (they are exactly the same distance in age as M and T--2 years and 4 months apart.)

A little glimpse of her favorites...
(with a few fuzzy iphone pics.)

Three of her favorite toys--the shape sorter, binoculars and a slinky.

She also LOVES these big lego blocks.  And talking.  This girl can talk.  Talk.  Talk.  
Oh, yes--and she is a bit obsessed with her milk.  When all else fails (Girl is quite a finicky eater), milk always hits the spot.

I think that she's been mocking them so much about the whole thumb-sucking thing, that she might actually be becoming addicted herself.  (The two-thumb move is just pure teasing, though.)

Lately we've been trying to figure out her favorite color.  We've tried a few "experiments."  The results are inconclusive.

And she's been spending a lot of time with her little friends.  Someday they'll all actually talk to each other--how fun will that be?!
(I really didn't want to be in the photo. ;)

Seriously, she is growing so fast--sprinting, singing and now, after 15 months, finally sleeping in her own room (another post for another day :).  Funny, pretty, crazy girl. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Power of Sesame (and Wontons--Fried)

During our week away I sort-of made a lot of trips to Panera's.  Making up for lost time, you know?  

Oh, the salads--so yummy--and made by someone other than me.  So, so good.  

In the throws of my Panera's withdrawal, I scoured Pinterest for copycat recipes.  And this recipe for the Asian Sesame Salad did not disappoint. 

We turned the extra fried wontons into dessert with a little cinnamon sugar.

But most remarkable of all, was that THEY actually liked it, too!  NO WAY!  I can't remember the last time they asked for seconds of a new dish.  And then they asked when we could have it again.  That NEVER happens!

It turns out that they like sesame.  Who knew?  (The day before the salad we tried this Sesame Popcorn recipe from Real Simple and they gobbled it up, too.)

Here's to hoping this is just the beginning of their new-food loving ways! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coffee, Coasters and Creeks (Cabin Week 2012)

Photolog of Cabin Week 2012 (aka "Last Week")

Lots of "gator" rides through my old stomping grounds.

A sleepy boy using Daddy's head as Beary.

While waiting for these.  Homemade french fries from fresh out-of-the-ground potatoes.  A true delicacy.

A morning spent "antiquing" (as T calls it) with Aunt Debra, M and T (source of the ladder.)

Followed by an afternoon on the creek together laughing so hard I almost sank.

One-on-one shopping dates for fall wardrobes with these two.
(I know, I know--two trips to Starbucks in one day!  A most awesome perk of the job. :)

While I was with one, my mom had her own "dates" with each of them.  (Bez had a whole day with Nana.)

A fun day at Knoebels. 

Hand-holding in line for the kiddie bumper cars.

A bit of a boating snafu that caused a boat-jam ;).

A train ride with her main squeeze-Nana. :)

Cotton-candy chowing.  (And a few funnel cakes--after all, you can't buy those just anywhere. ;)

(After recovering from our sugar-overload) Squeezing in lots of time riding cars all over our piece of the cabin island.

And as much creek time as possible.  (Does that face tell a story, or what?  Totally offended by flipping out of his tube.)

My third lunch date while Nana had some one-on-one time with M and T on our last day.

And after one last visit with my family and this little guy it was time for the long trek back home.

Such a fun week of just chilling with our families. :)  Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nothing Says "Thank You" Like Spider Man (or LF)

This month we've been doing the Joy Dare from A Holy Experience--writing down at least 3 things they are each thankful for every day.  

Love that I can "hear" their voices in what they write. :)  An excerpt from T's "3 Gifts in the Morning."

T tends to be a bit more prolific in his thanks. :)  LOVE that he seriously thinks he can run faster after a good sleep (or with new shoes) and in races that he "makes up." (And are vitamins as much of an obsession in your house as they are in ours?)

I also love that they actually like doing this.  Except for one tiny thing--T pretty much agrees with all of M's ideas and immediately wants them added to his list--that might just lead to a little bit of conflict. ;)  We're working on it. :)

And who knows, maybe next month, I'll actually keep my own journal!  (Oops!;)

Favorite Blanket Makeover

Last week I snagged a charming rustic old ladder for a cool $5.  It may be true that I paged through a Pottery Barn catalog marking all the pages with ladders to convince J that not only is so very functional ;), but also quite trendy.  And all for $5!  What a bargain! ;)

After a good scrub and sanding, it's now the home of my most favorite blanket. 

This super soft, down-filled, well-loved, amazing throw blanket was a family exchange gift countless Christmases ago (thank you, WB!).  You know it's a good blanket when it was a must-have in my hospital bag when we were expecting both M and T.  

But now, since it gets its very own special spot, I thought it would be a great time for a blanket mini-makeover.

With gray chevron for my neutral-loving self.

 And white-on-mustard polk-a-dots for my pop-of-the-unexpected self. ;)

Love it!

 Bring on the cool summer nights!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Funnies: Guess I Ate It

After dinner tonight--a tasty PB&J (summer cooking at its finest), T looked at his empty plate and stated in all seriousness, "Well, I looked on the floor and on my chair and I couldn't find it, so I guess I ate it."

Clearly it was a very memorable sandwich. ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I'd Rather Be...

So, we've been cramming in a lot of reading around here and if I don't write it down somewhere I'll never remember.  I had planned on doing an awesome job of keeping track of this stuff with the Library Summer Reading Program. not good at the optional paperwork business. :)

Way back during 4th of July week we read all 6 of the Felicity American Girl books--officially turning my kids into horse-lovers--who hopefully learned a little bit about colonial America. :)

Then we spent a weekend reading A Little Princess and even T watched both the Shirley Temple and newer version of the movie.  (Poor boy.)  We love Sarah.

To balance out all of those "girly" books, I thought we should read about something wild and adventurous--something like pirates.  During our stay-up-as-late-as-you-can-to-finish-the-book night we read Treasure Island (Junior Classics--a condensed version) from 7-10p.  T fell asleep during the last 2 chapters.  I think the pirates in that book sufficiently leveled the playing field.

We just finished reading Wilma Rudolph's Olympic story and Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics.  (Obviously inspired by the Olympics.)

My personal reading list has included--

Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul
She prayed, "God we will do anything.  Anything."  Her story.

Levi's refreshingly honest and unfolding story of moving his family to Ethiopia when their hearts were moved by children without a family.

The title alone gives me butterflies. ;)

And I just started Sacrilege because of this post.

And that concludes this installment of what we've been reading. :)
Happy Tuesday! :)