Monday, July 30, 2012

We Made It! 11 Days

With Daddy out of the country.

Whew!  There were some rough moments (and some good ones, too), but he got home last night a few hours before bedtime to a hero's welcome.

We tried to keep the week busy to help the days fly by.  A few highlights from the week:

We shopped.  Watched movies.  Shopped.  Read Treasure Island in a special stay-up-late night (fun night, tough morning).  Shopped.  Went to a little day camp for the week.  Shopped.  Alternated between eggs and oatmeal for supper.  Fixed a broken faucet, mowed the lawn, weeded the overgrown mulch, painted the front door, and hid in the basement during an awesome storm.   Ran out of oatmeal.

Dear Girl lost that tooth when I was flying solo.  Impeccable timing. ;)

We made "moon dough."

On a really humid day.  
 Sweat makes him itchy.  Moon dough and itchiness are just a little bit of a messy combination.  A little bit.

J sent flowers.  Sweet.

And they spent two whole days decorating and planning for his arrival home.  There were signs, songs, music and crepe paper.  Lots of crepe paper. :)

(Bangin' it out on the garbage truck.)

And it is so (SO) good to all be back together! :)

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  1. you can tell T sweat makes me itchy too :)