Monday, July 02, 2012

Scheduling Summer

Today was our first day of the summer that we had no where to go!  Whoo-hoo! :)  (Last week we had VBS.)  

To help us make the most of our days I put together a very flexible summer schedule.  

And popped one up in each of their rooms along with summer calendars.

T also acquired his very own clock.  It might help him learn how to tell time, if he stops changing the time. ;)

We sat down together and put together a bucket list of fun things to do like going to the movies, the spray park, the "carousel" mall and camping out.  The plan is to do one of those things on our "Fun Fridays." 

So, did we actually follow the schedule today?  Nope.  M and T woke up, settled into kid-made "bunk-beds" and listened to The Horse and His Boy

Meanwhile, Bez was a bowlful of "happy" with her own toys.

There was no way that this little schedule was going to get in the way of spontaneous harmony. :)

And tonight, after yummy ice-cream desserts, they scurried upstairs so they could do this...

Hope they always love each other this much. 

[Real Mom note: There were definitely some sweet moments today, but it was a day with its share of the usual shenanigans--pushing, tattling, whining--all of the stuff we're all working on (I really need to get my tattling under control. ;). :)]

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  1. Oh the tattling!!! I just simply always say (when I didn't see what happened) things like, "Oh really?" or "Well, are you ok?" "Guess we should head to the doctor!" Or "HE did?????" I add in my silly voices with that and the boys look at me like they are caught off guard at my empty response. Ask, "why did they do that?" I even get an honest response ending up tattling on their own selves!