Saturday, July 07, 2012

Now That Was Early

This morning we voluntarily got up at 5:00am so we could go see this...

The hot air balloons taking off over the river.

T was so tired that he was using Beza's hair as his bear. :)

Holding his hand on the way back to the car I was struck by how cute his little feet are in his flip flops and that soon his little thumb won't be wet anymore and those feet won't be so small...

Such an early morning called for breakfast out.  We watched in utter awe as this girl pounded 4 pancakes before the others had even eaten 2.  She gobbled them up even when they were a little hot.  Apparently, Girl LOVES pancakes. 

Needless to say that our carb-laden, early risers are quite tired today.  Add in July 4th's late night fireworks from the roof of the van and we're hoping we all catch a few extra winks tomorrow morning. :)

Have a great weekend! :)

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