Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made for This

Last night Beza had her first ever "pedicure" and "manicure."  I'm pretty sure she was made for that.  Sweet girl somehow knew exactly what to do.  She picked her colors (purple toes and pink glitter fingers) and then held so still while I painted her nails.

When we were all done she kept jumping up and down saying, "Pretty!"  And, "Sparkle!"  She's been saying that all day today.  

Also, this whole head balancing trick has reached new levels.  She walks around with a giant Lego block on her head most of the time.  And if not that, a book.  She gets insanely frustrated when it falls off.  

Today she was balancing a tissue box on her head in the grocery store.  (When you see a tissue box the first thing you think of is how long you can balance it on your head, right? ;)  She kept saying, "Ta-da, Mommy."  

Then, I just rushed upstairs because I heard her crying in her bed.  I thought maybe she had her foot stuck or something?  No, no, no.  Her bear, Gordy, was sitting with a book balanced on his head and she was very frustrated that a book kept falling off her Abby doll's head.

Seriously, I don't know that I've ever met someone who was so passionate about head-balancing. :)

It's fun seeing more and more of her personality as she grows.


  1. Ok, she is just so CUTE! I just laughed out loud at her cute head-balancing passion! :) Adorable!!!