Sunday, July 01, 2012

Funnies: Twins? (and more)

It always makes me laugh when someone asks me if these two are twins.  
The genetics are quite remarkable, though.

But it is even more entertaining when Becca and I are out together and people ask us if Beza and Alle are twins.  :)
Waiting for their siblings at VBS this past week.

Oh, so, a few weeks ago M went to a birthday party at an arcade.  J was very sweet to take T and Beza to a more kid-friendly arcade at the same time (T was feeling left out.).  At the end of the night M cashed in her tickets for a few trinkets--a paper fan, bouncy ball and wand.  J, on the other hand, approached the whole ticket thing completely differently.  He succeeded in convincing T that it would be way more fun to play with the tickets than any of the little toys he could exchange them for.  At the end of the night it all went exactly how you would imagine. ;)  It was a nice try, though, Daddy. :)

And you know how we went to the "beach" last Friday and we came home in all of our sandy glory?  Well, there is a silver lining to that sand.  If there is one thing J can not stand--it is a sandy floor.  I love it! :)

And, today is our 12-year Anniversary--NO WAY!  As soon as I dig up some photos I'll do a quick post. :)

Happy Sunday! :)

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