Thursday, July 26, 2012

Funnies: She Lost It (or "An Unlikely Person")

(Yes, yes, I am a bit behind. Without further ado--my Sunday post--on Wednesday.:)

We've had this loose tooth business going on for seemingly months now.  Wait, I guess it has been months.  Anyway, that little bottom tooth was finally ready for it's grand exit on Sunday.  

But it was holding on for it's dear, dear life.  M and I had a lovely 30-minute tooth counseling session that involved a lot of paper towels, grimacing and screaming (those last two were all me. ;).  She tried pulling it.  I very reluctantly tried pulling it.  And then T happed along.

T hates blood.  It's a given that at the first sight of it anywhere on himself, he's out of the game for at least two hours.  It's really quite remarkable.

Anyway, so T goes trotting by and I say, "Hey, check out that tooth!  Someday that will be you!  Wouldn't that make quite a story if you could get that out?"  In all seriousness, yes, I was trying to gross him out--bring him over to the dark side with me.  

Dude shrugs his shoulders, says sure he'll give it a try (of course), and out comes the tooth.  For real.  

Do you see what I see?  A whole mouthful of those pearly whites waiting their turn.  And not just one mouthful--two.  And for that matter a third not even pictured!  Oh, boy... :)

Nothing quite like a good tooth story to give you the warm fuzzies.  You are very welcome! ;)

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