Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catching Them...

At their best... :)

Her hands down favorite--reading.

Early morning hallway art together. (Caught by J.)

Coaching the bears.

Finally getting to cruise in the "truck cart."

Early Saturday morning park time (after the balloons.) (Check those pink sneakers!;)

Being quiet on the "Quiet Rug."

Singing to herself (and trying to start a fire?) during swimming lessons.  (See T?)

Having a real dinner with this crew in the spruced up "tree house."

Love these people! :)

Real Mom Notes:  We are currently working on some not so good attitudes complete with pouting faces, stomping feet and an inordinate amount of literal finger pointing (This made a recent grocery store expedition quite fun.  Quite fun.).  The current remediation plan is to take away one quarter (from $2) for every bad attitude moment--at the end of the week whatever amount of money is left can be used to buy a snack at the "beach."  Tomorrow is the end of the week and they still have money left!  Could be a fun Friday snack. :)


  1. CUTE pictures...and that is a great idea!!! Might have to use that one!