Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Rain Catcher and Other Weekly Bits

1. Dude has become the self-appointed official rain-catcher.  

2.  He walks when he talks.  (I think the new ankle socks make him look older.)

3.  The fruits of his labor.  1cm of rain water.

4.  Yesterday the mockingbird was back for his signature favorite--homemade banana bread.
(T is trying to see it through his new, real binoculars.  Not quite sure they're needed this time.;)

5.  We've been munching on our potted lettuce.   

6.  Tuesday tea with homemade coconut macaroons.

7.  Girl has become a 4-leaf-clover finding expert.

8.  How you know your once-upon-a-time tea drinking spouse has crossed over to the dark side. :) 
(That's a 24oz-er.  Crazy!)

9.  When you're almost two you can swing on a big-kid swing.  And look ridiculously cute doing it.

Although I would argue that this view is quite possibly the best. ;)

10.  She thinks she's hot stuff in her "Sun. Casses."  She just might be.  :)

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. I'd agree.. The view is simply the best! Love hearing news about "DUDE" because I just love how he seems to march to own beat!