Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Up: The Real Life Version

A few glimpses of life around here in pictures.

We have our first loose tooth.  (Bottom center left.)  Girl is through-the-roof excited.  In equal proportion, I am thoroughly grossed out. ;)

Dude got a buzz cut and looks like his younger self.  Nostalgic. 

The papers and money-due envelopes are piling up.  I stink at papers and due dates.

 Keeping the small folks working smoothly has been a bit of a challenge lately (Another post for another day!).  Anyway, it has led to the creation of a few more "reminder cards" for their bedroom doors.  Fingers-crossed.

The latest in hand-wear around here.  (Insert eye roll.)  Dermatitis on my hands has been a particular nuisance as of late.  These lovely blue gloves help a little bit--though they tend to make me look like a germ-a-phobe when I forget to take them off. ;)  Oh, I've also been getting some on-going stomach issues checked out.  This week I, along with six other potentially lactose-intolerant chums, drank a lactose-containing concoction and then sat in a waiting room for three hours together.  Does that sound like sitcom material, or what? (And those would be our tent caterpillars in a jar.  I have no idea where they are in there--or even if they're still in there...)

Ever since this dude showed up a few weeks ago at 5:30pm, we had to cease and desist with any feeding of the birds and squirrels.  Kind-of cool to watch him through the window.  Kind-of not-so-cool that he was out and about before nightfall. 

And, finally, these flowers are out in their full glory.  They are A-MAZ-ING.   Love them!

Here's to a quiet night!  :)  Happy Thursday!

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