Monday, May 28, 2012

The Weekend Skinny

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Photo Journal

The Big Plant
We kick-started the weekend by planting this van-load of free flowers from one of J's co-workers.  She not only gave them to us, but she also planted all of them at our house!   

And along the way I found seven 4-leaf clovers and one 5-leafed clover.  I obviously spend way too much time looking down. :)

Cabin Time
On Saturday we headed to J's family's cabin for a quick overnight and some creek-time.

Party Time
On Sunday we had my parents' 60th Birthday Celebration.  It should be noted that their birthdays are not until the end of this year, but as a family insider it is a known fact they rarely celebrate any holiday on the actual holiday.  It's how they roll.

My parents are also known for doing some pretty funny things at family affairs (Exhibit A--click here.).  Soooo we invited the party guests to present my parents with awards--in good spirit--for some of their fun little quirks.  They were kind-of funny. ;)

During the party J took the smallest two back to the cabin for some "rest" time.  They were obviously thrilled with that idea.

It all ended well. :)

Memorial Day
After a full, fun day of celebrating, we drove back home so that today we could go to our small town parade and have our first pool time of the year.

Oh, and during today's rest time, a very tired little person took some time away from his rest to do a little body art.  (Apparently we are slow learners.;)

Thank you to all of the service men and women who have and do sacrifice so much to bravely protect our country.

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