Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On My "Bookshelf" This Week

I have a new blog "crush."  Steady Mom.

A few weeks ago I read her new book Mindset for Moms.  And I just finished reading her first book, Steady Days.  SO GOOD.

I feel like she wrote down all of my cluttered thoughts in a practical, guilt-free, clear, real way.   After reading her books I completely feel inspired and motivated as a mom.  (If only I could get the small people to cooperate. ;)

This book is organized into 30 short, practical chapters about approaching everyday mom/life stuff with a positive attitude.  One of my favorite ideas is to just write down and accomplish 6 goals each day--love it because sometimes it's hard to tell what I've gotten done even though I know I've been doing something and I have a huge mental list (You know, things like vacuum, mop, fold the 10-day-old laundry, put the RSVP's in the mail. ;)


Steady Days talks about being organized (with stuff and routines), being enthusiastic, learning together, and making memories.  Chock-full of practical, helpful tools.  I loved her schedules (imagine that!). :)  I really do baulk at being too rigid because for some reason I think that it would stifle my spontaneity. ;)  But she talks about how having an organized schedule actually helps you be more flexible because then you know what your can realistically fit into a day.  Good stuff.

So, two great books, but wait there's more!  :)  Her blog, Steady Mom.  This post yesterday--awesome.  The Complicated Simple Life.  Amen.

If you happen to read that post and follow it over to Simple Mom you'll see her great deal--if you buy Mindset for Moms, you'll get Steady Days for FREE.  How cool is that?  Check it out.

And one last thing--I LOVE this song by Kimmy Vos--Be Still.  Click HERE to listen to a sample. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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