Sunday, May 06, 2012

Funnies: Holy WHAT?!

The other day a song with the word holiness was on in the van.

(I can do many things--sadly, try as I might, keeping lyrics and song titles and artists in my head is not one of them.)

Anyway, we heard the word holiness in some song and M piped up, "I know what holymess means."  

Laughing to myself because holymess is just really funny and I couldn't wait to hear what she thought, I nonchantly said, "Oh, yeah?  What does it mean?"

M: "Well, I think it's like my room right now.  It's a big mess, but I'm having so much fun with everything!  I'm using it all for good stuff.  That's holymess."

Me: "Yeah, I think you're right.  That's a good way to think about a holy mess."

I LOVE 6-year-old theology. :)

M's holy mess.  She was building a floor plan with books.  There are meeting rooms and bedrooms and bathrooms and toy rooms.  And pretty much everything else she owns mixed in there somewhere.

Speaking of messes.  This dude has been choosing to sleep on the floor ever since he was sick last week.  Why the hard floor?  And why the hard floor surrounded by really hard blocks?  I have no idea.  But he loves it and it works so we just roll with it.

This guy is one awesome sleeper.  Remember when we found him sleeping HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE?

Happy Sunday Night!

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