Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We've Joined the Ranks

Of soccer families everywhere. :)

First night of practice 2 weeks ago.  Gotta love the pinny.

 Getting ready for her first game this past Saturday.  And, hark, who is that in the background?  Why, as of this week, it's the newest assistant coach.  Game on.

In action.  Bez and I missed the first game because poor littlest girl was at the doctor's for an ear infection.

This is the little dude with the broken soccer heart.  At her first practice he was sitting in the back of the van with tears silently slipping down his cheeks because he so desperately wants to be old enough to be on the team.  He'll be playing in the fall and every day he asks if it's "the fall." 

And so the wide, wide world of sports begins. :)


  1. Wahoo!! We too have joined the ranks this Spring! And we too had a crying little boy who wanted to play too but will have to wait till Fall.

    1. I love it! Poor little guys! :)