Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funnies: A Matching Pair of Shoes Please

Pair of Shoes

Yesterday we were hurrying to the soccer game and we asked T to put on a pair of shoes.

He went to his room and came back holding two shoes.  A right and a left--each belonging to a different pair.

"T!  Go find the match for at least one of those!"

He went downstairs and reported that he still could only find two different shoes.  He came meandering back upstairs empty-handed.

So I grumbled something about putting shoes away so that we can find them and I went to the basement to see if they were hiding there.

In the meantime, J realized that T had left one pair of mismatched shoes in his room and it's equivalent in the kitchen.

When T had found the kitchen "pair" it had apparently escaped his mind that it would fix all of his problems if he had brought it to the "pair" in his room.  Dude!

He had been wearing this "pair" outside on Friday. 
(A pose for posterity. ;)


M has been practicing drawing pictures using just one line--not picking up the pen (Like the intro to this.).  She was showing us her pictures and we were saying how cool it was that she figured out how to draw a person without picking up her pen.  T, overhearing this, picked up a pencil and in all seriousness said, "Look, I can do it without picking up a pencil!"

He was picking up a pencil and dropping it.  The falling part was the "not picking up the pencil" bit. 

She said she had been really thinking about how to draw eyes without picking up the pen.  Then she realized that she could "attach" the eyelashes to the glasses.  Clever girl. :)

Weird Whistle

And then today T also came up with this "whistle."  We've spent the better part of the day trying to imitate it.  I almost have it! :)

Happy New Week!

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