Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm a Fan of Shoes

(Obligatory barefoot photo. ;)

Yesterday was Tom's One Day Without Shoes to bring awareness to the millions of children who go without shoes every day.

Why one day without shoes?  Because the curiosity can lead to a conversation that can lead to action that ultimately leads to change.

And so after dinner our lovely little family took off our nice warm socks and shoes and took a stroll around the neighborhood.  (Beza enjoyed a cruise in her pushed-by-us car.)  It was a very quiet night in the neighborhood, but there was that one oh-man-we-really-are-just-plain-crazy moment as we gingerly hobbled along while being watched by a new family checking out one of the houses for sale.  Yep, just out for our daily evening walk on a brisk night all without shoes.  Really, this is a very normal neighborhood...  Doesn't everyone do this?

Anyway, our target audience was our small crew and ourselves.  We talked a lot about what it would be like to walk for miles without shoes in places with hookworms or landfills or while carrying heavy jugs of water.  Unimaginably tough.

"What do you think about kids who live like this?"
T: "Not good.  But they don't have any shoes.  I wish I could buy some for them."

Yeah, that's a great idea...

A few ways to get involved:  

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