Sunday, April 15, 2012

Funnies: Apparently I'm the Helper

Yesterday was mulch day here.  We got a truck-load dumped on our driveway and spent the afternoon spreading it all around.  I always LOVE the finished product.

As it turns out, M, too, loves mulching.  She pulled out the small (even too small for her) wheelbarrow and hauled her own loads all over.  She repeatedly thanked me for my help.  

This morning as we were heading off to church, she said to J, "Didn't Mommy do a great job of helping me spread the mulch?"

Apparently she's the one running that show and I'm just the helper. :)

Taking a break.  Okay, and can I just say that Beza's hair was in CRAZY form?  Whew!  We just started using coconut oil and I think that it breaks down and pops her hair elastics (ponytails)--the result is crazy-stuck-up-straight-in-the-air hair.

Blog note to self: This is one of the quickest ways to bring down the spirit of a conversation--when one of your children mentions that you could go to Hershey Park when you're 9 or even when you're 70, say out loud, "Hmm....interesting....when you're 70, I'll be gone."  I wouldn't recommend doing that again. 


  1. They are so cute!!! Love her hair! :)

  2. Love that M kept thanking you for helping her. too cute!

    Beza's hair is making me laugh, I think all of us with ET kiddos can appreciate the crazy hair!!!