Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Fools

On Sunday morning my crew woke up to me fake yelping and jumping out of bed in what I would call a convincing show of fear.  The night before I had tucked some toy snakes under my pillow in the hopes of an April Fool's joke.  T looked down, picked up the snake and matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, it's just a toy snake from the basement."  Yeah, that one pretty much didn't work... 

Later we asked them to put their shoes on.  I had stuffed some tissues into the toes of all of their shoes.  M's shoes were new from the day before so she just thought we forgot to take the paper out.  Fail, again.  But, T--oh, poor T.  He was gone for a long while and I found him sitting on his bedroom floor totally frustrated that he couldn't get his foot in his shoe (is it wrong that I'm laughing while I'm writing this?  :)  He kept trying and trying.  Once I showed him that it was a trick his eyes twinkled and he tried on every pair of his shoes just for fun.  :)

For breakfast I switched the contents of the cereal boxes.  M and T thought it was great fun, but Beza's reaction was the best.  When I tipped over the Cheerios box her not-so-favorite Kix came out.  She looked at the Kix and back at the box and back and forth again.  Perceptive girl.

That was all fun and games, but the very best trick happened in the van.  

We hurried and scurried them out of the house like we were going to church, but we were actually heading out for a two-night trip to Philadelphia.  While they were sleeping, I packed their bags and we loaded the van LATE at night.   That morning M noticed that she was missing some jeans and she thought that J had hidden them for fun.  We told her that some things were best discovered at the right time. :)  

So, when they caught on that we weren't driving towards church, J told M that he knew where her jeans were--they were packed in her suitcase--because we were on our way to a hotel (cover-your-ears scream from the backseat) with a pool (cover your ears again).  LOVE, love, love their excitement over hotels--cracks us up! :) 

 Packed up to go to "church."

The Garden State Discovery Museum

Please Touch Museum

M thought mornings in Philadelphia were the most beautiful mornings ever.  I'll give her this, they were sunny. :)

Philadelphia Zoo

Lunch for the adults at Rybread Cafe.   I had the Napa with strawberry-mango iced tea.  Yum.

The ride home today.  Bez was totally into holding M and Gordy's hands.  So funny... :)

(Keeping it real: Love hanging out with the whole gang, but there are definitely some challenges.  First nights away always require a really long wind down time with lots of intervention. :)  Lots of walking around museums and zoos requires a lot of hand-holding under duress. :)  None of them ate the lunches they asked for on Sunday--after that we stuck with peanut butter and jelly--thankfully almost always a win. :)  Oh, and that menu board--that's the photo J texted me while I waited in the van with the crew handing out fruitbars and picking up dumped goldfish and stuffed animals and figuring out how to turn on a movie--the whole movie thing is never as easy as it would seem. ;)

But in the end, very fun days away. :) 

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