Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Today is Tomorrow

The Hipster helping himself to a pre-breakfast snack.

Sometimes the little dude makes it quite apparent that he's still learning the English language--both vocabulary and grammar.  At least once a week this phrase comes out of his mouth:

"What means it __________?"  
Example: "What means it 'phenomenal?'"

And time concepts!  We've had some pretty crazy conversations about today and tomorrow.  They go something like this:

Friday Morning
T: Does Daddy work today?
Me: Yes, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Saturday.
T:When I wake up from my nap is it tomorrow?
Me: No, when you wake up in the morning it will be tomorrow.

Saturday Morning:
T: Is it tomorrow?
Me: No, it's today.
T:(sadly) said that Daddy wouldn't be working tomorrow.  When is tomorrow?

Kid makes us smile! :)

(Just a note to myself so that I don't forget. :)  Tonight I thoroughly cleaned their rooms--I seriously do not even remember when I last washed their sheets...  Anyway, when T's room was all done, he walked into his room and yelled "Thank you, Mommy!  I LOVE it!"  And then he broke into dance, gave me a great big hug and a wet kiss.  Totally made it worth all the work.  Can you imagine if we all started dancing when someone did something nice for us?  How fun would that be? :)

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