Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Picture This

Caught on camera over the past week or so...

What Beza does when we say, "Go night-night!"  Can you see the little smile on the corner of her lips (besides her lunch)? :)

The optimal hand-holding formation at the grocery store.

Lessons in carpentry.  They tore apart a sad, decrepit table and tried to build their own fort.  They were quite perplexed when the pieces didn't just stay standing when they let go.  After some apparent brainstorming, I caught T trying to get a hammer and nails.  (BTW, that was as much fun as it looks to clean up. ;)

When smiling gets old.

New clothing obsession--the "work" shirt.  With the collar up.  Favorite part?  His best friend, Hannah, telling him he was handsome. :)

Happy Sunday!

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