Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gunning It

My gun has busy lately, my glue gun that is.

So, it appears that I've gotten just a bit behind in my reading-through-the-Bible-in-a-year progress.  Quite fortunately, though, it's all available in audio (it's even dramatized, to boot.)  

All this to say that this week has found me sitting in front of the computer listening to, of all things, the whole book of Job (I'm trying to read ahead), while keeping my mind open and my hands busy with making flower clips.

A few late-night creations:

All done with this crazy little mess of a hot glue gun.

And what exactly is this a picture of?  Let me tell you.

This is the picture you take to forever immortalize the moment when your children tell you that this morning they tried to put themselves in the turning cupboard.  But when they realized they wouldn't fit they put a stuffed bear in there instead.  Then they gave it a good whirl.  And thoroughly lodged that bear in the back rendering the whole thing unable to move.  Then later in the day you will have to take everything out of the cupboard to dislodge the bear.  Right at that moment you will realize this is a blessing in disguise, because what better motivation to actually clean the coffee-stained cupboard.  Clean cupboard, bear returned--all is well. :)

Happy Wednesday! :)