Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Her Many Faces

Just for kicks, we teach our kids how to make "emotion" faces.  Endless entertainment.  Plus, you know, it's always good to have emotion words.

Anyway, here are a few from today.

This is "Happy."

And so is this.

And this.
The fake "happy" smile is downright hilarious.

This is "Sad."
Her eyes just aren't all that convincing... ;)

This is "Surprised!"
Made with a slight inhalation.

Finally, this is "Mad."
Made with a growling sound.  Again, the upturned lips aren't terribly convincing. :)

Oh, and then, there's also the "No-no-no" face complete with a wagging finger.

And these are just a few of her "body parts" words.  She recently learned "elbow" and is a bit obsessed with it.  (Who wouldn't be? ;)

And this one?   Well, this one is just straight up love.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"While You're Here...,"

I said to my mom-friends sitting in our living room, "Let's watch this video clip!" 

And so, you know, since you're here, you can watch it too! ;)

Francis Chan's talk from Passion 2012.  (The whole thing is great--but if you only have a few minutes, it is totally worth the time to watch the story that starts around minute 12.)

And while we're at it, Francis talks quite a bit about Christine's talk.  He talks about it so much that you totally don't want to miss it. :)  It's completely inspiring.  And here it is.

And that should conclude today's video lessons. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Day Our Wuv Was Lost

For a few days I thought something had been sounding a little different.

But I couldn't put my finger on it.

On Friday afternoon I figured out what it was.

I fake cried on the outside, real cried on the inside.

Little dude pronounces "L" with perfect diction.

No more "I wuv you's."  

Just a crisp clear, "I love you." 

No "wiking," or "waughing," or "wistening."

I asked him what had happened.  Had someone secretly been giving him speech therapy lessons?  "No," he said, "I'm just four now." 

So sad.  So sad, but true.  The end of a sweet era.

Oh, for one more, "I wuv you."  :)

Last week when he was still the Statue of "Wiberty."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Must See Book and Movie List

What we've been reading:
(Scroll over a book to read the blurb.)


Irresistible Revolution is a can't-put-it-down book that is completely life-challenging. M and T fell in love with Katie in Kisses from Katie. They are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what the secret is in The Tanglewood's Secret tomorrow. And the Burgess Bird Book brings learning about birds to life in the most fun way--who knew? 

What we've been watching: 

Francis Chan's Balance Beam Analogy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy One-Year-Home Day!

One year ago today we settled down in our house for the first time as a family of 5.

Today as we were in the driveway Beza pointed at our house and said, "Home."

Sweet Beza we are so thankful that you are a part of our "home."  Love you, little girl!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Today is Tomorrow

The Hipster helping himself to a pre-breakfast snack.

Sometimes the little dude makes it quite apparent that he's still learning the English language--both vocabulary and grammar.  At least once a week this phrase comes out of his mouth:

"What means it __________?"  
Example: "What means it 'phenomenal?'"

And time concepts!  We've had some pretty crazy conversations about today and tomorrow.  They go something like this:

Friday Morning
T: Does Daddy work today?
Me: Yes, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Saturday.
T:When I wake up from my nap is it tomorrow?
Me: No, when you wake up in the morning it will be tomorrow.

Saturday Morning:
T: Is it tomorrow?
Me: No, it's today.
T:(sadly) said that Daddy wouldn't be working tomorrow.  When is tomorrow?

Kid makes us smile! :)

(Just a note to myself so that I don't forget. :)  Tonight I thoroughly cleaned their rooms--I seriously do not even remember when I last washed their sheets...  Anyway, when T's room was all done, he walked into his room and yelled "Thank you, Mommy!  I LOVE it!"  And then he broke into dance, gave me a great big hug and a wet kiss.  Totally made it worth all the work.  Can you imagine if we all started dancing when someone did something nice for us?  How fun would that be? :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gunning It

My gun has busy lately, my glue gun that is.

So, it appears that I've gotten just a bit behind in my reading-through-the-Bible-in-a-year progress.  Quite fortunately, though, it's all available in audio (it's even dramatized, to boot.)  

All this to say that this week has found me sitting in front of the computer listening to, of all things, the whole book of Job (I'm trying to read ahead), while keeping my mind open and my hands busy with making flower clips.

A few late-night creations:

All done with this crazy little mess of a hot glue gun.

And what exactly is this a picture of?  Let me tell you.

This is the picture you take to forever immortalize the moment when your children tell you that this morning they tried to put themselves in the turning cupboard.  But when they realized they wouldn't fit they put a stuffed bear in there instead.  Then they gave it a good whirl.  And thoroughly lodged that bear in the back rendering the whole thing unable to move.  Then later in the day you will have to take everything out of the cupboard to dislodge the bear.  Right at that moment you will realize this is a blessing in disguise, because what better motivation to actually clean the coffee-stained cupboard.  Clean cupboard, bear returned--all is well. :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Funnies: The Cost of a Day at MoMA

Today we woke up and decided that it would be a fun day to explore the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).  (Because, you know, what better way to reflect on the day than to say that you survived the challenge of taking small children to a large, crowded, do-not-touch art museum. :) 

Transportation (not including gas): $7 parking, $10 subway card

M considering that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for T's bed to end up looking like this someday. :)

Museum Entrance: $5/family

Nap-time art purveyors "feeling" the essence of the art with their eyes closed.

The post-museum/nap pick-me-up.  Um, YUM!

Sweet Treats (including coffee for me): $20

Their favorite part of the day--climbing the rocks at Central Park.  

Rock Climbing: Free.

One very full, good day with a lot of subway riding, hand-holding, sidewalk walking and bathroom finding that ended with 3 little people so completely exhausted that they fell asleep at precisely 8pm even though it's the "old" 7pm.  That, my friends, is completely priceless. :)

(And we won't be too far behind them.:)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Ballerina Bedding

Beza, Alle and Tage

Yes, Beza's new (someday) sheets have a story all their own. :)

And here's how it goes:
This week our friend Emily (Tage's Mom) was talking to her friend about diversity.  And her friend mentioned that on a recent shopping trip she had actually seen sheets with little girls with brown skin.

"No way!" said Emily, thinking she knows two perfectly cute little girls with brown skin who would LOVE those sheets.  (Well, at least I'm pretty sure that's what she was thinking. :)

Emily, in hot pursuit of the sheets, asked for the brand name so that we could order them online.  But her friend told her that they were from our nearby Marshalls!

Emily called Marshalls.  Her friend's mom called Marshalls.  Marshalls had two sets left.

The next morning, Becca and I arrived just as the store opened and we walked right to the front where they handed the sheets to us.  How fun is that? 

And how cute are those sheets?  You can order them here--or maybe find them at your local Marshalls. :)  Because the icing on the cake is that they were more than half off the price in the store than we can find them for online. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Puffing It

Puffing up her hair. :)

Last week we gave this quadruple-puff look a try.
(Inspired by fellow-adoptive mom, MR. :)

The part lines need some work, but I LOVE how easy it is to do!

M loved it so much she asked for some, too. :)
The long blonde-haired version. :)

In other Beza news, she has just this week started to call us "ma--MEE" and "da--DEE."  SO CUTE!  Changing up the syllables is still a bit tough for her so sometimes it comes out as "MEE-ma" and "DEE-da."  Hilarious. :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kitchen Sink Conversation

Standing by the kitchen sink talking to Becca...

Okay, so last night I started Gary Haugen's book Terrify No More--you know, the founder of IJM.  So. Good.

Those guys at IJM are like for real SUPER.HEROES.  Seriously.  They use like all kinds of covert operations--insane stuff--because they have to have evidence to stop the bad guys.

Here's the part that totally got me, though.  This dude is undercover in Cambodia and he secretly videos these young girls around like 8 or 9-years old and one of them is carrying a 5-year-old that they are also offering up for prostitution.

{Pause.}  (When I read it--I had to put the book down.  Dear God, NO.  What?!  And wipe away the tears.  I don't get this.)

Okay, but here's the thing, because the police are involved in the trafficking they can't just stop it.  The police not only use the girls, but they also supply them.  And it goes high up.  It's so twisted.

It's so totally complicated and with no help from authorities in Cambodia, rescuing those girls seemed completely impossible.  They almost didn't do it.

But they realized that because they knew about it they couldn't just walk away.  Those girls were worth it.

Eventually--like a year later--they rescued almost 40 girls in one day--including that little girl from their tape! 

But this stuff is still happening all over the world.  What am I supposed to do with it?

Have you seen this, though?  Right now there's this huge movement with the Passion Conference and A21 Campaign and they both have these lists of things that you can do to help. 

Did you know you can write letters to the girls who have been rescued?  How hands on is that?  If I can manage to get to the mailbox.

Oh, and the 72 Days for Freedom site has a 30-minute documentary about human-trafficking--not just sex slave trade.  Like in India some rice plantations use slaves.  Have you seen my pantry?  I have like lots of different kinds of rice!  Maybe I'm supporting this stuff!

AND, have you seen the Not for Sale site?  It has a SlaveryMap where you can look up where you live--right here in the United States--and see all of the incidences of human trafficking right where you live.  For real, Becca.  Stuff not far from here.  Like what we're reading about happening in other countries--it happens here.  Not okay.

But here's what I'm just a little starting to get.  I am just a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs, can I really make a difference?  Maybe.  At least a little bit.  Because what I'm understanding is that in these places where the governments are corrupt--they are still influenced by the United States.  It's about money.

But, here, we do actually have a voice.  We can sign petitions.  We can write letters to Congresspeople.  The more we talk about it, the more pressure there is to deal with it.

Like they can start putting regulations in their trade agreements.  Then when governments start fighting on behalf of the victims instead of the perpetrators the culture of acceptance in those countries starts to change.  When there are crack downs on brothels with severe consequences it makes it harder for other ones to operate.  Totally makes a difference.

Ugh...this stuff is so totally complicated.  But now we know about it, so we have to do something, right?

This stuff really is hard.   And, whew, there's so much I don't know.  But, here are a few things:

Opportunities to Do More
72 Days for Freedom: 27 Ways to Do More
A21 Campaign: 21 Ways to Help

Stand for Freedom Petition 

The Day My God Died (Watch)
(Coming Soon)
At The End of Slavery
Not My Life

The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine
Slave: My True Story
Terrify No More

Learn More  
CNN Freedom Project
International Justice Mission

Monday, March 05, 2012

Cookies Make it Better :)

A few weeks ago I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for J--an avid fan of the confection.  But, man, cookie-making is time consuming.  

And then I found this recipe for chocolate chip bar cookies that promised to be different from all other bar cookies.  It promised moistness--a decidedly essential characteristic of chocolate chip cookies.  

I present the Bugs Bunny Bar.  Insanely addicting and moist.

 Seriously soft and moist for days (If they linger around that long. :)

And for posterity's sake--this is how you know last week was a doozie.

The cookies help. :)

Here's to a new week! :)  Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Picture This

Caught on camera over the past week or so...

What Beza does when we say, "Go night-night!"  Can you see the little smile on the corner of her lips (besides her lunch)? :)

The optimal hand-holding formation at the grocery store.

Lessons in carpentry.  They tore apart a sad, decrepit table and tried to build their own fort.  They were quite perplexed when the pieces didn't just stay standing when they let go.  After some apparent brainstorming, I caught T trying to get a hammer and nails.  (BTW, that was as much fun as it looks to clean up. ;)

When smiling gets old.

New clothing obsession--the "work" shirt.  With the collar up.  Favorite part?  His best friend, Hannah, telling him he was handsome. :)

Happy Sunday!