Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Brought To You By The Birthday Boy

Today is T's 4th Birthday.  He was adamant that he wasn't 4 until we had cake and sang to him.  I seriously considered not baking one--you know, so he could stay 3 for just a little longer. :)

Super Cake Digestion
The Scene:  We celebrated T's birthday last weekend at Nana and Pop's with a Spider-Man cake.  T had peeled off the Spider-Man "photo layer" and was eating it.
T: (With a serious and slightly concerned voice.) "I hope I don't pooh out Spider-Man!"

A pause for consideration.

T: (Enlightened.)  "Well, if I do it will be 'super pooh!'"

Yes. Yes, I suppose that could be true.  Oh, he is our resident funny man for sure... :)

Happy 4th Birthday, Buddy!  We LOVE you! :)


  1. ha. ohhh boys! Happy Birthday T!!!!!

  2. Well, I've never met little T, but based on that comment, I know I would love him! Happy Birthday!!