Thursday, February 16, 2012

Put Down the Fertilizer and Step Away

These children are growing like weeds!

M recently got re-outfitted in clothes in the size that finally match her age (6).
New favorite outfit. 

T's wrists and tummy have been sticking out of his shirts.  Dude (who turns 4 on Sunday) just got bumped up to tops size 5.
We need to pause for a moment to note T's latest obsession--the white t-shirt.  When he started wearing the Christmas fireworks shirt for a week straight I took pity on the poor guy and got him his very own white shirts--which quite wonderfully come in packs of 5.  Why the white shirts?  Because they look just like Daddy.  What's not to love about that? :)

And Beza (20 months old) is growing so quickly that she just completely by-passed size 2's and jumped right up to M's old 3T's!

 Look at little Beza's sleeves!

Seriously, could they stop growing quite so fast?

Breaking it down just like I taught them.  Ha-ha-ha. ;)

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  1. Love that last picture of them breaking it down!