Monday, February 27, 2012

Made It: Twists

Today I attempted Beza's first ever hair twists. :)

 (Becca has been doing Alle's hair in twists and it is SO scrumptiously cute--I had to try it.)

I washed her hair.  Added some Curl and Style Milk and then used Kinky-Curly Curling Custard to "set" each twist.  She played in her bath while I twisted--for maybe 20ish minutes. 

Then for good measure I sprayed it with Moisture Mist and Spray Gel. (All of these products are from Target.)

I seriously feel like I'm doing a science experiment every time I do her hair.  I'm always hoping to hap upon just the right concoction.

I gave her that flower clip to keep her hands busy while I was trying to document this "hair milestone."  And, of course, her idea of a good time is balancing it on her head. :)  She is soooo funny!

Happy Monday!

(As always, I would LOVE to hear your hair hints and tips!)


  1. I LOVE IT! She is most definitely a cutie pie! Great job Gini. ~Wendy

  2. oh, I love it!!!!! I'll bring the other hair stuff over next time - I think that it helps the twists stay in longer:)

  3. Ah! She is SO CUTE!!!!! And I'm glad I have a boy.... ;)

  4. Adorable!!!! It took me 2 hours to do that for my daughter, so you're doing awesome.

  5. OK!!! Seriously....I need directions on how to do that!!!! It is so stinkin' cute!!! How long does it typically stay in for?

  6. She is honestly too cute for words. I love the twists!

  7. Oh, my--too cute! I'm very impressed! I haven't tried any styles on Eden yet, but her hair is getting close to being long enough that I'll have to do something with it! Did you just use your fingers to do the twists?