Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Made-It: Spring Fever (Crafting-Style)

It was time for the winter mantle TO GO!

The small crew (and maybe even me--well, just a little bit) is very sad that we haven't had any snow to speak of since Halloween.  Lately the weather has been sweatshirt-warm and I've been hearing the spring birds singing.  

Goodbye snowflakes,

hello flowers.
Repurposed Jesse tree branch.

Saw these on Pinterest (tutorial).

Love the way they turned out. 

And to go with them, a few felt flowers for the twisted vine trees.

And this afternoon?  I'm planning to put away all of the snowpants and heavy winter coats.  Do you think that will make it snow? ;)

1 comment:

  1. You are gutsy to pack it all away - if you put that stuff away - it will surely start snowing!!! That is crazy to think no snow since Halloween! I remember last year seeing pics on your blog about SO MUCH snow!!!!! The same is happening here with us though too! Crazy!