Wednesday, February 08, 2012

He Was Supposed To Be Sleeping

I had just finished reading this and this when T peeked his head out of his door at nap-time. 

So I put down my to-do list and snuggled up in his bed with him.

Just as I was about to call M over to join us--she was tiptoeing down the hall with this note for me.
(She didn't know I was in T's room.)

I like my mom becus (because) I like it wen (when) my mom sngls (snuggles) with me.

Perfect timing.

Collecting snuggles while I can. :)

(Reality Check: This was a high point of the day--there were plenty of "grounding" moments--like the screaming fight in the car over a drink, or when finding crayons buried in T's bed didn't leave me smiling. :)


  1. She's a really good writer and speller!!! and that is so cute!