Monday, February 13, 2012

Drat--Looks Like I Need to Go To The Post Office ;)

If I'm horrible about going to my own mailbox--I'm even worse about going to the post office. :)

But tis the season to spread love--tomorrow is Valentine's Day, after all. 

We spent the afternoon finishing valentines for school parties this week.  In other words, I heard myself say, surely at least a million times, "Write your name here.  'T.'  Line down.  Line across the top...."

Completely taking this idea from Pinterest--this year we made these...

How hilarious are their faces?   

And if you are a grandparent or sister maybe, perhaps, you will find one of these in your mailbox, let's say, sometime this month--along with one of these...

Our better-late-than-never Christmas thank-you's. :)

Also of Pinterest fame. :)  M's handprint on the left, T's on the right, and Beza's fingerprints make the falling snow.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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